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The Nineteenth-Century Motorist Project


These pages are lovingly assembled by Dr Craig Horner of Manchester Metropolitan University. I am based in the History department and my intention here is to reach a wide audience based on my on-going research into early motoring and cycling. I intend to add material as it becomes available. Additions or corrections are welcome. Subject matter will be mostly, but not always, relating to the United Kingdom, which at the time meant all of the British Isles.


I would like to acknowledge the assistance of the Manchester Statistical Society; the Library at the National Motor Museum in Beaulieu, Hants; the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester; the Archives of the Royal Automobile Club; the Society of Automotive Historians in Britain; and the Richard Roberts Archive in Stockport.



Craig Horner

Department of History, Politics and Philosophy

Manchester Metropolitan University

Manchester M15 6LL

Published February 2021:

Craig Horner, The emergence of bicycling and automobility in Britain


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